GroupeSET Exec

Need to speak French like an Executive?
Need to succeed in French Business Culture?
Moving to France to work?

We've got your back!

  • Customized one-on-one intensive coaching
  • Tailored to professionals
  • Established language school
  • In European Telecom Valley
  • On the beautiful French Riviera


In just one week

Through our 1-week program, as a business professional or high-level business student, you can improve your French communication and feel immensely more confident in your ability to operate in French Culture. You can build a personalized vocabulary of words and expressions you’ll actually use.  You will develop a credible French accent and watch your comprehension improve dramatically.


groupeset exec

You learn “by doing”

  • Your one-on-one coaches train you in live situations – you learn by doing!
  • Super intensive with personalized native French speaking coaches.
  • Hands-on learning in situ – bilingual accompaniment for beginners.
  • Use your French in the real world – immediately.
  • Sharing culture, creating international experience, building confidence.
  • Business skills developed, filmed, improved.
  • Customized to your level, for your specific needs.
  • Regular starting dates: Sunday noon until Friday Happy Hour.
  • Additional online distance training available before you arrive in France.
  • Survive in business small talk: theme-based vocabulary building.
  • Specialist teachers for different sectors: Pharma, IT, Communication and Sales.


Detailed organization program executiv

Detailed organization

  • Complete Linguistic audit : oral interview and online written evaluation.
  • Objectives and training plan based on your needs.
  • Price and payment plan - contracts drawn up and signed.
  • Online preparation classes before your arrival (optional, but recommended).
  • Structured classes, creative "live" teaching approach.
  • Lively and useful class materials, "learn by doing" approach.
  • Creation of your customized personal dictionary and study aids.
  • French BULATS, internationally known language certification.
  • Friday Happy Hour outing to close the training.


 In Summary: Business French Immersion

  • For non-French learners with a strong need to acquire Business French communication skills and be at an operational level quickly.
  • For professionals being transferred to France for work: long or short term.
  • For business professionals who need to develop their communications skills in a second language: public .speaking, negotiating…
  • For high-level business or MBA students, improve your career prospects with a functioning second language.
  • Begin your training before you arrive, online!
  • Immerse yourself for real measurable results (Bulats level test).
  • We know language training. We know the French. We know Sophia Antipolis.


Contact us : Tom Gilroy 04 93 96 57 00